April Rush

I got new gear inlcuding books like ‘Getting Started with TF’ & ‘AI: A Modern Approach by Russell & Norvig’. Also a grey cutting mat to up the cool-factor of my desk(not really, it’s just to protect the wooden table top from further damage by screwdrivers & cutters).

I also made a new Raspberry Pi 3 case based off of the “old-new” Mac Pro(trash-can design), aptly named ‘Pi Pro’.

Juggling several projects at once, the SingleCopter, an Angular 2 dashboard, an Ionic 2 Video-chat app & a Native Android Broadcasting app using Kurento.

Goals for this month include-

  • Getting TF running on the Pi to make a general purpose sorter with an Android phone & NodeMCU board for minimum setup time from the get-go.

  • opencv/TF assisted photogrammetry or maybe even using GANs to help with making accurate models from collected pics.

  • Drone application for FlatBend photos, it’s just a convexed panoramic trajectory which goes from facing forward to finally looking down at max height.

One month in!

  • Received all the parts for the FPV Singlecopter UAV capable of 1kg payloads.

  • 2(+1 in tow) more WebRTC projects completed, I finally mastered configuring the iOSRTC plugin for iOS 10. For those stumbling here, just folow this. Add the Legacy Swift 2.3 property etc.

  • I had an awesome Kerala Trip for an event & climbed a hill at Munnar.

  • Also going to put compounding to the test from now on.

New Horizons


  • Got a new Kotak Mahindra account just for dev billing. Paid the android fee, AkashPaul.com & IDEAPLEXUS.in

  • Completed 4 PRs for Hacktoberfest- AngularJS, Siri-Tesla-HomeKit contraption & a heroku deployment doc…. So I’m getting a T-shirt & some cool stickers! Yay 😄!

  • 3 Projects in tow for November, also got 100 orders for the Raspberry Pi 3 (3D printed case) from a startup in Bangalore!

One Month In


  • I got shortlisted for AP Govt. & University of Texas-IC2 accelerator programme at Tirupati, will post updates.
  • I’ve also been shortlisted for GJ Govt. Startup Scheme 2016 at CIIE for the same idea as above.
  • Managed to snag 5 projects last week comprising of 2xWebRTC, ESP8266, ML, Ionic w/ Firebase
  • About to finish prototypes for CIIE & the deep

New Beginning


  • I graduated from V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot
  • I’ve joined the startup incubation program at CIIE, IIMA thanks to GTU’s Specialization Program
  • I also completed projects utilizing WebRTC, Peer.js, Node.js & Socket.IO.
  • I started an eBay shop for 3D printed parts & sold several RPi cases, along with Tindie I’ll sell some Drones, Home Automation products & other usefull stuff

Tip for those reading

  • Print PLA on the acrylic build-plate after applying a thin coat of PVA glue(Fevicol & the like) diluted with water & remove them easily with a nice finish by freezing the build plate nope the print itself contracted & layers got dis-joint, simply drown the build & later use Razor Scraper from Thingiverse.
  • Try to avoid completely flat surfaces by either inserting clever spaces or re-orienting the STL before creating X3Gs.


So the 7SegmentOCR project has fallen apart due to the contractor being unable to test the first PoC(a little too late from my end too), but nevertheless I have an OCR

March all over again!

It’s almost time to ring in the 13” MacBook Air(MBA from now on, I promise), I’m almost finished with the WebRTC projects & will hopefully complete the openCV ones over the weekend. Placement month in fullswing. Pathetic working hours & profiles, all I care about is getting selected through eLitmus or HackerEarth. Helping everyone out with their projects as much as possible.

Restarting opencv on Android

I’ve been selected to work on a project involving opencv running on android for data logging(hopefully gets me the Air :D), so naturally I was irked about having to use eclipse for the same again. Thankfully Android Studio 2 Developer preview hit the canary channel & I got it for both Wdoze & linux. The build speed is indeed high compared to the previous bundles. Thanks to the new gpu-profiler built into AS 2.0 along with Instant run, it’s going to be very relaxing & interesting to work with. I am currently reading up Joesph Howse’s book on opencv 3 now.

Aerial delivery roadmap

So I was going over the different postions at Google[x], particularly in Project Wing & I found out that they required developers who have built/worked upon the entire Guidance, Navigation & Control stack of UAVs.

November of '15!

Several projects & report submissions have converged together during the past weeks. I’ll outline a few below

  • Worked the bi-copter-wing-sitter fusion UAV for Phoenix, gesture-controlled robotic arm for Magneto & the maze solving rat for Maze Runner alongwith reports for SoUL(Solar Urja Lamp) & the above at IITB Techfest, to be held during the last week of December.

  • Guru projects based on WebRTC+Node.js, a Bluetooth based contact disbursement app & the OpenCV based data logger app.